Monday Morning Crush – Crushing on the Jarics

Ok.  So it’s Monday evening.  I’m a little behind today.  After chatting a bit on twitter with these two, I had to resurrect the Monday Crush.  If you haven’t ever seen them, Aden and Jordan Jaric are two adorable hotties who are so much in love – it almost makes you sick.  They look smoking hot in their underwear (or less) but it’s their personalities that shine through in images, interviews and onscreen.

Aden and Jordan Jaric goes Shirtless on DNA Magazine #1171

They live in Sacramento… small town boys and big time porn stars who love the small town.  Their tweets between each other are adorable.  They talk about going out, work, cuddling, shopping – you name it – normal couple stuff. And of course, they look SMOKING HOT in their underwear. And there are plenty of pics of them in their underwear out there.

Aden and Jordan Jaric goes Shirtless on DNA Magazine #1172

Moreover, the new issue of Unzipped has them on the cover and a cute spread inside – which reminded me of how cute they are – and how much the look like all American boys.  I won’t feature the naked pics here, but seriously – get a copy.  Their playfulness comes through in the pages!  Here they are on the cover (left and right):


On the inside, the pics are super cute. They’re modeling some hot Baskit briefs (Baskit has a deal with Falcon, for whom the Jarics make movies).  But seriously – anything they wear looks good!


And a slightly closer (a bit grainy) shot:


Lastly, this one has to be my favorite.  I had to do a little blurring (we don’t show dick here as you know) but I just LOVE how the photographer captured their playful spirit in this one.  So cute.


Ok.  So I should probably stop before I get into stalker mode (though they do admit on their blog that stalkers are welcome – but I imagine only the cute non-threatening type – which I would totally qualify for).  Here are a couple more of my favorite undie shots of the boys before I’m off.  Enjoy!


And nothing like a classic tighty whitie shot!


Oh. And in case you’re wondering, no, they’re not brothers (perv).  They’re a couple – and being traditional small town boys they decided to take the same last name.  I don’t know if it’s one of theirs or if they combined the two (I read about it a while back) and can’t find it online right now.  Maybe I should ask them next time we tweet.

Hope you enjoyed the pics and my description of my little online encounter with them as much as I did!

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