Welcome to “Your Daily Briefs” blog. The idea for the blog originated from my long-lasting adoration of men in their underwear. It all started with the ad below.

FTL Ad from 1984.

Until this point I’d only worn my tighty whities. Once I learned underwear came in other colors. Sizes. Cuts. Styles. I began to seek out and buy underwear. And look for pictures of hot guys in their underwear. I guess I was gay. With an underwear fetish.I’m still both. Hence the blog.We’ll be doing different things on different days of the week – so come back often and enjoy the scenery. Leave comments. Click the ads. Buy some new undies. The site is here for you. It’s your daily briefs!

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  1. Ethan Randal says:

    So are you gay? Because you said ” i guess i was gay”. Just wondering

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