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Hot Models, Hot Underwear and a Little Drama

Got an email from Dude Underwear offering up some pics for the blog. These are some of my favorite – because they have a story.


Murray is Dude Underwear‘s new model (he happens to be the new BF of their cover boy Dave). Murray and Dave both were models at their underwear show a while back Royal Oak , MI. Both boys got a LOT of attention.


Scott from Dude says the photo shoot went great, except while they were shooting behind a old building, the Police showed up and gave them the 3rd degree…
“What are you doing? Why are you here ? Why are you taking pictures? How old are they?”
Turns out the lady behind the building called and complained (while also staring at them the entire time).


Scott had a few choice words with the Police, and they left. After he returned home he called the Sargent of their Police dept. and complained. Not sure how it all worked out, but the pics came out great.


I’ve never worn any Dude Underwear, but they look comfy – and totally sexy!


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