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YouTube Tuesday BONUS – Score Underwear Football Photo Shoot

What job do you want on this shoot? 😉

Youtube Tuesday Bonus – Score Underwear Hair Salon Photo Shoot

I’m not entirely sure why a photo shoot for an underwear company took place in a hair salon – but I’ll go with it.

Youtube Tuesday – Score Model Marcel Shoots Philip

YouTube Tuesday – Happy New Year from Marcel

Marcel from Score Underwear says “Happy New Year” in this new clip in their YouTube Channel… as always, he’s in his underwear and he’s hot! Be sure to watch all the way to the end for a 50% discount!

Marcel from Score Underwear Makes a Turkey… In His Thong…

Watch the video all the way to the end for a 50% discount code (good through November 30).

Marcel – Still on the Roof

This one has “less sell and more sizzle” from what I can see…

Marcel on a Roof in his Underwear

The folks at Score Underwear are VERY actively using YouTube to promote the product.  A week or so ago you saw the discount code video, this time Marcel is up on a roof somewhere and strips down to show you the product.  Interesting strategy – and hey, it’s getting me to watch!

HALF OFF Score Underwear

So I found Score Underwear a little while back, and even used one of their products in the banner header – we have a couple of galleries of pics, but haven’t done much with it (hey Score – wanna advertise here?).  As I was looking for my Youtube Tuesday video, I found this sexy shot of Marcel one of their models getting out of a pool in his wet black briefs – and telling you how to get 50% off any one item.

It was posted on 9/25/08 – and doesn’t say when the expiration is.  So hurry!  Post a comment if the discount works – then send us a pic of you in your hot new Score underwear!

More From Score Underwear

I’ve written a post or two about Score Underwear – and their kick-ass web site where you can “undress” athletes to reveal their underwear.  I posted some of their Thong photos in the General Galleries (appropriately under “thongs”) and here are a few more shots from the site namely white briefs…



Check out all 14 pics of hot athletes in white briefs in our galleries in the briefs section.  Quick thumbnails below for easy clicking!

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Score Underwear – Baseball Player Drops Trou

I posted about the Score Underwear thongs last Thursday, and I’ve decided I’m going to dedicate this week to sharing out their collection.  I’ll share a pic or two a day, and at the end of the week, put everything I have from them into the galleries.  

Today’s pic – something that would get me to a LOT more baseball games!



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