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Ryan Lochte Lounging in his Speedo… With his Dog

So when I first saw someone post this on Facebook I didn’t realize it was Ryan Lochte. It just seemed, I don’t know, a little too porn-y for him. As dlisted.com noted in their article:

If it wasn’t for that People logo sitting in the corner, you’d probably think this picture was from a Playgirl magazine spread circa 1989 or a picture of Mr. July in Bel Ami’s “Porn Bottoms of the Past” calendar.

The dlisted article is really a must read – they have a fun take on the bad Photoshop job done in this photo. But I digress. People magazine did the shoot (and even has a VIDEO of the shoot!). And posted the cheesy pic – and we all get to wonder why Ryan doesn’t look nearly as good in THIS Speedo as he did in the Olympics. Thoughts, boys?

Thong Thursday – Too Much July 4 Partying?

Thong Thursday – This Looks Like a Fun Party

Youtube Tuesday – Tie the Perfect Swimsuit Drawstring Knot

2(x)ist gets up close and personal to show you the proper way to tie a drawstring knot on your swimsuit. I recommend you watch it a few times and practice at home.


Youtube Tuesday – Andrew Christian’s “Tag Me” HOT Underwear Video

Andrew Christian and his boys have done it again!

Monday Morning Crush – Evan Wadle (Hot in a Speedo or Boxers)

Evan Wadle came on the scene as one of the hottest male models – frequently shot in a speedo, skimpy underwear or nothing at all. His great smile and beautiful body earn him a spot as my Monday Morning Crush today.  Be sure to scroll to the end for info on how to find even MORE of Evan!

You can follow Evan on Twitter at @TheEvanWadle (he doesn’t post a lot but pics come up every so often).

For more amazing pics of Evan, head over to OHLALA Mag and check out this post from October, 2010. Yum!

Daily Briefing – A Very Relaxing Saturday in Bed in His Undies

Hump Day Butts – Cutie Matt in His Ginch Gonch Stars

So this is actually someone I met at a part in Denver a couple of years ago. He was showing my pictures on his phone and this one slid by… I immediately explained the site and asked if I could use it. “Sure,” he said. “I’ve got nothing to hide.” And clearly – part of that “nothing” is a cute little butt. Enjoy!

Monday Morning Crush – Model Rodrigo Calazans

Speedo Sunday – At the Car Wash

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