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Protect Your Balls!

The boys over at International Jock sent over a fun commentary on the hard cup – and it’s history and use in sports and with jocks.  And because they know what you like, they also sent over 29 hot pics of guys in jocks and cups…  the article is a quick, fun read.  The pics – they might take you a little longer to get through!  Enjoy!

Protecting Your Balls While Playing Ball

Have you ever wondered what those hot college players are wearing under their football pants? Ever noticed that baseball catchers are always grabbing at their crotches? Have those big bulges under a lacrosse team’s shorts ever caught your attention?

Hard Cups, Sports Cups, Protective Cups, Athletic Cups, Nut Cups: Whatever you prefer to call them, since the invention of the first jockstraps over 125 years ago a huge variety of hard cups have been designed to protect men’s nads. And, we can be sure, ancient warriors and athletes had their own devices to keep their “boys” safe and secure. All men know how excruciatingly painful a blow to the groin can be and smart athletes don’t even think about going out onto the playing field without wearing a sports cup.

At International Jock, we’ve always thought that there was something especially sexy about a guy strapping a solid wall of plastic or metal over his masculinity to protect himself against a hardball, hockey puck or football cleat. There’s also something special about wearing a hard cup that makes you feel more masculine, more aggressive, more secure and ready for battle.


In addition to mens briefs and mens boxers, International Jock has always offered the perfect stuff to protect your stuff, photographed on some of the hottest guys anywhere.


They’ve dug into their photo archives and chosen some of their finest photos of guys in their nut cups for your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy!


International Jock Hard Cup Gallery Thumbnails (click for larger images or to view a slideshow):

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Australian Olympic Diver Matthew Mitcham Comes Out

Got this via Towleroad this morning and I think it’s incredible.  I can’t imagine the courage it takes to be on stage in front of the world performing a sport – let alone doing in a speedo – and THEN to also have the courage to come out just a few months before the olympics.

I hope it gives him peace, relaxation and focus and the boy comes away with the gold!  See below for the pics and story from Towleroad.


Australian Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham came out to the media for the first time on Saturday, in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald. He’ll be the first openly gay athlete from Australia to compete in the Olympics:

“The gold medal hopeful’s journey has not been easy. Those close to him have seen Mitcham, 20, battle depression, retire in his teenage years after physical and emotional burn-out, then nine months later resume his sport and build himself into the champion he is today. One person who has been by his side for the entire tumultuous journey is his partner, Lachlan. ‘We can’t afford for Lachlan to go at the moment,’ Mitcham said. ‘But Johnson & Johnson offer grants to go to Beijing and I’ve nominated Lachlan as the support person I want to go.’ It’s not only Lachlan who has helped Mitcham to Beijing. His coach, Chava Sobrino, had faith in him when no one else did and resurrected his career. Former athlete Sarina Bratton cares for him like a son and fellow diver Alex Croak is a constant sounding board and his best friend. ‘That little support network has made my dream possible,’ Mitcham said. ‘It would have been impossible and I probably wouldn’t have made it without their help.'”


Ball Bra Interview at Undies Drawer

Check out this interview with Ball Bra Director/Owner Kreso Gotova over at UndiesDrawer.com:

Ballbra – An UndiesDrawer InterviewUndiesDrawer is pleased to bring you another in our Exclusive Behind-the-Underwear Interview Series. The purpose of the series is to provide an opportunity to get to know the people in the underwear community, to learn their stories and to provide more insight about their companies, brands, blogs, etc.  All of the interviews were conducted by UndiesDrawer Underwear Correspondent Ron, a.k.a. KyUnderwear.  We hope you enjoy the series. 




Click over to UndiesDrawer.com for the whole interview. 

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