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Great Promotion & Value – Todd & Terry Save the World!

So you may not have heard of Todd & Terry Underwear, but they have a great promotion running to help you get rid of your old, ratty underwear and get into some new Todd & Terry underwear affordably!  All of their underwear is $15.50 through February, 2011 and they are committed to keeping it under $20 through February 2012! (Not sure if those are US or AUS dollars.)

As if that wasn’t enough, they’re running a contest where 5 guys can win 24 pairs of their underwear…

Here’s the press release:


(MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – SEPT. 2, 2010) – Australia’s finest underwear label Todd and Terry is concerned that the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) is taking its toll on guys being able to replace their underwear. And the last thing the world needs is men walking around in old underwear!
So it’s Todd and Terry to the rescue! The brand has now reduced its retail prices permanently, so that you can wear new underwear.
From now through February 2011, you can buy any pair of Todd and Terry from your favorite retailer for only $15.50. And it gets better. They guarantee the price will stay under $20 through to February 2012.
If you need to replace your underwear or you’ve thought of trying Todd and Terry, there’s never been a better time. And you could even win a year’s supply of the world’s favorite underwear!
All you have to do is simply enter online at Todd and Terry’s official website, www.toddandterry.com, and the brand will give the five most needy guys, as judged by the public, a year’s supply (24 pairs) of Todd and Terry for FREE.
The GFC won’t stop Todd and Terry from keeping the world looking and feeling fresh.

Great thought, eh? This photo of people with sad, sad, underwear accompanied the release so I thought I’d post that as well… what a fun promotion!

Amateur Gallery? Contest?

Sometimes pictures of everyday guys in their underwear are the hottest and most interesting.  However, short of bringing a bunch of guys over to the house and having them pose in their underwear, it’s not easy building amateur galleries.  So I’ve decided to have a contest.

Send us a picture of you in your underwear: photos@yourdailybriefs.com – remember, this is just an underwear site, not a porn site – so anything that goes beyond showing off your briefs will be disqualified.  Sexy = good.  Pornographic = DQ.  I’m sure many of you can be super creative.

We’ll be looking for confidence, attitude, unique shots/locations and overall artistic quality in judging.  All body shapes and sizes and all forms of underwear/jocks/speedos are welcome.

What does the winner get? A $40 gift certificate for underwear from one of our online affiliates (likely will be a choice from two different sites).  Runner up will get a $10 gift certificate. I’m funding this myself, no online store is sponsoring it yet (nor have we asked).  If we get an overwhelming response, there may be a sponsor down the road.

We’ll post some of the pictures here on the site, and at the end, put them all in a new amateur gallery page.

Send your pics in now!  photos@yourdailybriefs.com 

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