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The Galleries Are Back!

Finally – after a lot of work (and a necessary theme change – you like?) I have the 10 main galleries back online.  You can access them from the galleries page (which I need to make more interesting) or via a drop down under “galleries” in the menu bar to take you RIGHT to the gallery you want to view. The new theme has some great new options like that – also notice the categories above to explore past posts by topic or tag. Go explore!

Just over 360 images are up again – with literally thousands more on the way. I’m still working on organizing the other content – it’s not as clean cut as the general galleries. I.e. do I have one gallery for brands? Or does each one get its own gallery (or do they not and I just mix them in by style?) Decisions. Decisions.

More to come! (Celebs will likely be next since I have a new Taylor Lautner pic he tweeted this week!)

Scenes from the aussieBum Photoshoot Last Night

Aussiebum-Screen shot 2009-10-01 at 10

aussieBum had a great photo shoot last night and they were kind enough to set up a webcam and stream the shoot live over the internet.  I was able to watch for an hour or so – and as most photo shoots go, it’s a lot of shots of the same thing… I was able to grab a ton of screen grabs (I think 115 images in the gallery in total).  (Note: on the ones where it looks like there’s nothing in the shot look to the right – you’ll probably see a butt as the model changes 😉 Check out their hot model and get a sneak peek at some new undies coming out soon.  Looks like good stuff!

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YourDailyBriefs Gallery Updates

Made some updates to the gallery to catch up on the archives so you’ll find the following new pics in their respective galleries:

1 pic – Brent Everett (new gallery)
14 pics – Speedo
9 pics – Jocks
1 pics – Beckham
20 pics – Briefs
2 pics – Pierre Fitch
11 pics – Thongs
1 pic – Black Briefs

New pics always show up at the end of the gallery (someday I’ll try to make them show at the beginning).  This now brings us to 80 full galleries and 1,417 images residing in them.  Wow!  The goal is to have over 5,000 images housed before the end of the year.

Hope you enjoy!

Gallery Updates

I just realized that after a software update to the blog, the galleries were WAY screwed up.  I’ve managed to fix them (I believe) and they appear to be working normally.

I also took this opportunity to consolidate them all back on one page.  Two pages of galleries was just too confusing.  It might take you a little while to browse all of the individual sets, but it will be more convenient with them all on one page.


Model Peter Rex Shows off his Jocks

JockstrapCentral.com has a new set of pics from model Peter Rex showing off his Joe Snyder & Nasty Pig jockstraps.



Check out all 22 pics in the Specialty Galleries. Thumbnails below for quick viewing!

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Matthew Mitcham Gallery Updated

Check out the 8 new images of Matt in his gallery.  Thumbnails below for easy viewing, otherwise he’s in the “Speedo” section of the General Galleries.

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Monday Morning Matthew Mitcham

Congrats to Matthew Mitcham from Australia – not only out, proud and adorable, but also a 2008 medal winner.  Here are three more shots from the games we ran across this past week.




We’ve got a total of 9 images that we’ve found so far in the galleries – and hopefully more on the way as additional diving competitions continue through the next 4 years before the 2012 games.  Enjoy!

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Joey’s Red Briefs – From UndieTwinks

Check out Joey in his sexy red briefs.  From UndieTwinks.  More in the galleries.



Thong Thursday – Score Underwear

I stumbled upon this new web site for Score Underwear.  Not only is it SEXY underwear, but they have a unique way of showing it to you.  On the first screen, you see the athlete fully dressed.


Then you can choose to remove his shirt…


his pants…


or both!


With the tennis pro, he’s left wearing only a sexy thong – in black or white.  Here’s one more pic, but catch them all under the “Thong” heading in the galleries.


Briefs Galleries Updated

We still have nearly 700 pictures in our galleries, but as I continue to improve the organization of the massive number of pics here, I’ve separated the previous “briefs” gallery into 3 separate albums.  Briefs (mostly white briefs), Black Briefs & Colored Briefs.  That should allow for a bit of variety in selecting your hotties and what they’re wearing.

More to come!

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