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Your Daily Briefing – Full Moon Friday!

Ok, so there isn’t really any underwear in this pic, but I imagine at some point in the day they had swimsuits, no?  Cute butts.  And happy Friday! Thanks for spending another week with us!


Daily Briefing – TGIF!


Random Post – Super Cute!

So he’s not really wearing underwear… at all actually (though you could imagine some red briefs or red/blue briefs) but I thought he was adorable.  Enjoy!




New Pic of the Moment at All American Guys

Click the image to check out everything All American Guys has to offer.

Brandon Hooks Up With AJ

Remember Brandon from yesterday?  College Dudes 24/7 has a new set featuring him hooking up with AJ.  Here are a couple of pics of the duo… what I can show you at least.  Unfortunately, no undies in this set.  But they look hot standing there shirtless in their jeans.



Meet Brandon from College Dudes 24/7

Brandon is the newest hottie over at College Dudes 24/7.  Here are a couple of pics to give you a taste… but you’ll have to click over to see more.  And watch for a little more from Brandon tomorrow. 😉




New Image of the Moment @ All American Guys

No underwear here – just a tease of where there COULD be some underwear.  Still a hottie.


Pierre Fitch & His Long Johns

Oh, that Pierre Fitch is at it again – he just got back to Montreal from another trip to New York and he’s sporting his new long johns for his readers.  It’s snowing here in Colorado again, so I thought I’d share Pierre and his “johnny’s” as he calls them.  He also claims it’s warm inside them 😉  and i don’t doubt him!Pics below.  Then click over and check out his blog (NSFW).  



Flickr Friday – In a Towel

toweldraped.jpg, originally uploaded by Joystickplayer.

Ok, so it’s not underwear – but you have to admit it’s still a hot look for this guy.

Flickr Friday – Shorts?

go naked!, originally uploaded by arthur156.

Not sure if they’re putting them on or pulling them off. Use your imagination I guess 😉

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