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Hot New Jock Briefs With a Fly (And a Hot Model) From Jack Adams

More info on the briefs and how to buy over at undiesgeek.com – but here? We just show you the hot models… enjoy!






Behind the Scenes with 2wink Australia and The AUS12 Photo Shoot

The folks at 2wink Australia have been HOT at it. They’re back with their second swim wear range called Aussie Defence AUS12 – and they were kind enough to point me to their hot behind the scenes video.  So, you know, if you’re into muscled, sexy, Australian models in tiny swimwear – feel free to take a look! (The video features popular fitness model Lee Stram who is HOT HOT HOT.) Enjoy!



From the press release: AUS12 swimsuits are made from imported Italian fabric, which is 80% nylon and 20% lycra, but 100% Aussie-made. The masculine square-cut swimsuits are fully lined on the inside and include a tie cord and elastic waist. The range is available in three different colors, including light blue, orange and red. Each swimsuit retails for around $40 USD (free worldwide shipping), and are available online at www.2wink.com.au.

2(x)ist Lauches a new Military Underwear Line

From our sister site, undiesgeek.com:

2(x)ist has launched a new military line inspired by modern combat uniforms and body armor. The usual cuts are included and it looks pretty sexy judging from the video – see below for more.

From their press release: This fall, 2(x)ist introduces Military, a line of men’s underwear modeled after modern combat uniforms and body armor. Military features a series of bindings and accents that create strong lines to reinforce masculine features. Available in a variety of low-rise cuts, Military is made from a very breathable Pique-Fle(x) cotton.




A Jack Adams Jock With a Fly!

So I’m loving this – big time. I always wear a jock to the gym and one of my big beefs is I have to slide out the side or the top to pee. Why can’t they have a fly?  And why can’t it be hot?  Enter the folks from Jack Adams.  Got this notice on Wednesday (hey, sorry, been a busy week). Loving the pics. Loving the style. I might have to go get me one… you?

And check out the hot pics after the press release excerpt:

From their press release: Men will look and feel incredibly sexy in the Jack Adams Ranger Fly X Jockstrap not only due to the provocative X strap design, but also due to the enhancing lift it provides the butt. Theyll feel comfortable at the same time as it has a thick, roomy, supportive pouch made of an extremely soft, knitted material. Unlike other jockstraps, the Jack Adams Ranger Fly X Jockstrap features a fly front for easy access, and its durable heavy stitching will ensure that its stands the test of time.

Jack Adams has taken the old fashioned jockstrap and updated it multiple ways for todays man. This is a jockstrap that provides it all sexiness, support, functionality and comfort!

Available for pre-order here from 10percent.com.


Jack Adams designs, manufactures and distributes innovative and edgy underwear for the masculine, sexually self-assured man who wears confidence on his sleeve. Sold by retailers internationally as well as online, Jack Adams products express a progressive attitude that customers love. This mind-set is coupled with fashion-forward designs and fits that accentuate comfort. For more information about Jack Adams, visitJackAdamsUSA.com.


2(x)ist Wants You To Love Them

2(x)ist has offered up a new holiday collection just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Their “Love Me” collection is appropriately styled in black and red and features a logo waistband with the words “LOVE ME” embedded within.  Choose from briefs or boxerbriefs.  It’s just $14 or $22 so head to 2xist.com (or your local Macy’s) to check them out.

Get Your Mechanic on At 2wink Australia

So I love it when an underwear company re-invents itself.  I tried really hard to love 2wink the first time around.  Bought some underwear for AU$7.95 and it was decent. But it just didn’t fit as well as other brands.

Now they’ve turned around and reinvented themselves.  And for a company called 2wink, this image is very un-twink like!  Love it. I may have to try their undies again and see if the fit has changed at all. It looks like it has – totally new styling. Yum!

Hot New Adidas Wrestling Singlets Have Landed at International Jock

Just got an email from International Jock this week and the new Adidas wrestling singlets have landed – and the models are SMOKIN’.  Check out a few of the pics here, then head over to International Jock to check out the singlets! They’re also priced right at just under $60!

Go Softwear Adds New Swimwear, Sportswear and More!

I got a really cryptic email from Go Softwear today – this was literally it:

It was enough to get me to go check out what they had in store… and I found a ton in the “NEW ARRIVALS” section. I’ve been a big fan of this brand for a while – they’re comfortable and usually pretty cute.  They seem to reinvent themselves every few years – and I love it! Check them out. Worth the look.

New JM Skinz Jockstraps at Jockstrap Central – comfy and hot!

This just in from Jockstrap Central – new comfy jocks!  From their release:



Brand new on Jockstrap Central! JM is synonymous with quality and comfort creating jockstraps you’ll be happy wearing all day and night – and their latest Skinz jockstraps are no exception.

Sure JM may be tooting their own horn by describing these new jocks as “The ultimate in body-defining stretch and style – like a second skin” – but they can be forgiven as it’s the truth.

Here’s the details: The pouch is made of a microfibre and spandex blend that’s soft and silky, extremely lightweight and highly breathable, plus the hint of spandex means it has excellent shape retention even after frequent washings.

Finally, a 1.5 inch super plushed comfort waistband and matching 1 inch leg straps keep everything in place. Jockstrap Central has got them in three fabulous designer colors – charcoal, indigo and our personal favorite olive.”

These look totally hot. And comfy! I might have to try them myself. Check them out at Jockstrap Central.

YouTube Tuesday – Behind the Scenes With the GTwins Underwear Photo Shoot

New models the GTwins (not sure what the “G” stands for) did a photo shoot for up-and-coming “Aware” men’s underwear. Here’s the behind the scenes video – kind of a neat sneak peek for those of you who don’t do photo shoots…

From their YouTube Post:
Hot British twins model the new Aware men’s underwear collection. While many high-end underwear ranges stick to black, white and grey, the up-and-coming UK brand goes for a colourful, cheeky, urban look – reflected perfectly by the personalities of the newly discovered GTwins. The London-based brothers are showcased here in their first ever underwear shoot, exclusive to this channel.
This is our first HD and widescreen video, and our first time filming underwear … so if you want to see more, PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE, TO MAKE THIS ONE A HIT.

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