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Naked Underwear Really is the Next Best Thing to Being Naked

From our sister site at UndiesGeek.com:

Just before Christmas I got an email from Joel Primus (pictured below, modeling his underwear) from Naked™ asking if I’d like to try their Naked Boxer Brief. I was intrigued and after a little Googling was REALLY intrigued. After reading some background on their story, I checked out the product.

From the product description:

You will love your Naked Boxer Brief ®. This premium, seamless garment is impeccably tailored in Canada with soft-to-the-touch Italian Microfiber, spun on a 40 gauge machine with distilled water from the Italian Alps. As this smooth and light-weight garment lies gently against your skin, the sensation is like you’re wearing nothing at all. Reviewed as being in the top 1% in the world in terms of quality, you will feel comfortable, sexy and look forward to wearing your Naked Underwear®.

Did you catch that? “The sensation is like you’re wearing nothing at all.”

So what were our thoughts on the form, fit, fabric, function, style – and waistband? (Oh yeah, VERY unique waistband!) Click over to the full review at undiesgeek.com.

When you’re ready to buy, you can get your very own Naked Boxer Briefs (or Briefs) direct from their company store. I know I’m going to grab 4 more pair. Can’t wait!

But before you go – here’s another shot of their hot models in Naked Underwear.

Naked Boxer Brief (and Brief) Review Coming!

I was fortunate enough to hear from Joel Primus who invented the Naked® line of underwear. He offered to send a brief and boxer brief for me to review. I’ve worn each 3 times now over the last few weeks and will be publishing the review over at Undiesgeek.com later this week, with a summary here.

  • Did I love them?
  • How was it to wear underwear with quite literally no waistband?
  • Do you really feel like you’re wearing nothing at all as the name implies?

Find out before the end of the week!


Baskitwear Snugfit Seamless Trunk Review

I’ve been traveling a lot for work  – and who doesn’t need comfy underwear when they travel, right?  I got home from almost 2 weeks on the road and had a nice envelope from the PR company for Baskitwear.  I hadn’t had a lot of contact with them before, so I was intrigued.

Inside was a pair of white boxer briefs . White mesh boxer briefs. I read the note they sent – they are the new Snugfit Seamless Trunks.  As I looked at them, my boyfriend and I both thought “wow, those look small.”  Even though they were sized L/XL (I have a 34″ waist and run between M and L depending on brand).

I was just about to head out for another 2 day trip and had a ~3 hour flight to take.  So I decided to put them to the test.

The next morning, I woke up, showered and put on the trunks. All I have to say is WOW. The material was some of the softest I’ve felt – and they stretched handsomely for a perfect fit.  Now I get why there are only 2 sizes (S/M and L/XL).  The mesh material was breathable but supportive. And did I mention SOFT?

After a 3 hour flight and a full day of meetings, the briefs held up well.  They were still in great shape when I got back to my hotel room that night – the legs didn’t creep up.  The waistband didn’t roll – it was almost a perfect day with my underwear.

Honestly, I didn’t have high expectations – and mesh underwear always seems suspect to me, but these were some of the best trunks I’d ever worn.  I actually looked at Baskitwear’s web site and noticed they come in briefs as well.  After the great experience with these, I’m going to order a few for myself – and a couple for the boyfriend as well.

I don’t make recommendations often but these were awesome trunks.  Absolutely loved them.

My verdict (all out of 10):

  • Fit: 10
  • Material: 10
  • Comfort: 10
  • Style: 9
  • Wearability: 10

The Snugfit Seamless Trunk is seriously the best underwear I’ve worn since the Calvin Klein Steel collection. And the mesh is kind of fun and not… I have to admit!

Saxx Apparel Boxer Brief – Review

I got my Saxx Apparel Bamboo Boxer brief a couple of weeks ago – and was traveling a ton and couldn’t really try it out. Since then, I’ve worn it twice – on very different occasions.

First, I wore it all day on a weekend – lounging around the house. Working in the yard. Running errands. Just normal weekend stuff. Second, I wore it this past Wednesday and put it through the wringer of an active life. All day at work in meetings in a stuff office building and then on two flights en route to Miami – 4 hours to Charlotte NC and then another 2.5 hours to Miami from there. A lot more sitting and walking briskly through airports.

First impressions: When I first took them out of the box the first thing I noticed is how soft the fabric is. Bamboo is all the rage these days. It helps prevent odors, wicks moisture and is overall just a very soft fabric to wrap yourself in. The second thing – I couldn’t help but notice the little mesh panels on either side of the crotch. I was a little disturbed in looking at it – how would this mesh panel feel?

The styling of the boxer brief is pretty simple and standard – black fabric, some white stitching around the crotch.  Overall – your basic boxer.

Through both times wearing them, I can tell you how the panels feel – they don’t feel at all. You don’t even notice them. They’re exquisitely integrated into the design and are as soft and seamless as the rest of the boxer brief. It surprised me.

The rest of the fit of the boxer brief was amazing.  Great waistband. Fit the contours of my body well.  Overall, really nice.  The only complaint I would have is that the front pouch, while comfortable, wasn’t overall flattering.  I guess I’m used to briefs… and the boxer brief didn’t fit as snugly as I’m used to (is that really a complaint?  Or just the style of the boxer?)

At the end of two different days – I noticed one amazing thing.  My package wasn’t sweaty or sticky.  After a full day running around town and doing yard work, or sitting in meetings and traveling across the country, it usually would be.  I’m used to having my boys stick to my legs, or at the very lest being a bit sticky when the day is done (hey, it happens – you all know it).

The combination of the bamboo fabric and the little inserts do the trick.  The inserts keep your balls from rubbing (or sticking) to your legs… and overall, keep everything a lot fresher than boxers, boxer briefs or briefs in general.  In short, they did the trick!

My verdict (all out of 10):

  • Fit: 9
  • Material: 10
  • Comfort: 8
  • Style: 7
  • Wearability: 10

Total Score: 8.8

I was really surprised by this boxer brief.  Thanks to Saxx Apparel for providing it – I’m planning to buy the trunk now (a slightly shorter leg – more with my style) and definitely will wear them on cross country trips – with as much travel as I do, it will be well worth it!

For more on the technology – watch their video (re-posted below).  Quite amazing – and it work!

Saxx Apparel Boxer Brief Review Coming This Weekend

saxx logoI wore my Saxx Apparel boxer briefs for the second time – this time all day in meetings and then on 6+ hours of flights from Denver to Miami (with a little stopover in Charlotte).  How did they fare from 7am – Midnight with a lot of moving around?  I’ll let you know tomorrow…

Review of Saxx Apparel Boxer Briefs Coming Soon!

I haven’t forgotten about the review for Saxx Apparel.  I wore them once (liked it so far, but not enough to judge) then have been traveling for almost 2 weeks straight – so I haven’t had time to wear them again.  Going to put them through the torture test of all day wear and then the 4+ hour flight to Miami on Wednesday and will let you know what I find out.

2winkwear.com Thong Review – Part 1

The first email I got with the 2wink AU$2.95 thong, I decided to grab a couple. Always up for trying some new underwear. I got one in orange and one in blue – and they arrived last week. I generally wear a large (34″ waist) so that’s what I ordered. I had the opportunity to wear one Saturday and it felt pretty good. The don’t ride up in an “inappropriate way” for a thong, the fabric is soft and smooth and overall it’s very comfy.

My only complaint is the sizing seems to run a little big. Fortunately, the AU$2.95 sale is back on so I ordered a couple in Medium and will hold off on a review until I can try a closer size. But if you’re ordering, be aware – they run a little big in my experience.

Anyone else tried them? Please post a comment!

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