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YouTube Tuesday – Big Brother’s Will Wikle in Daniel Nardicio’s Dworld Underwear Party Promo

Will Wikle from Big Brother in a new promo for what is apparently an underwear party. Though honestly, he’s promoting that body. And ass. Whoa!

Monday Morning Crush – Scott Herman

Not only is Scott Herman smoking hot but he’s always been a great ally of the gay community. Today is about this fitness guru and all around sexy model. Enjoy!

Thong Thursday – Three Shots of Alan Ritchson’s Butt in a Thong

Before he was on TV, Alan Ritchson was a model for N2N underwear – something he continued even after getting a few TV gigs. He’s one of the models not afraid to do a backside shot in a thong. So, for your enjoyment, here are THREE.

Images courtesy MensUndwearStore.com

Youtube Tuesday – Ryan Kwanten Dances in Tighty Whities


Yesterday’s crush has a hot YouTube video – dancing in his white briefs from the TV show True Blood. Check it out below. Woo hoo!


Monday Morning Crush – Ryan Kwanten in His Briefs


I have to admit I haven’t watched True Blood. I’m not good with blood and gore… but I do catch clips and images when I can and I figured it’s about time to Crush Ryan Kwanten.  And if these images aren’t enough for you, there’s a bit of bonus Ryan coming tomorrow. Enjoy!

Youtube Tuesday – Joey Essex in TIGHTLY Packed Briefs

So apparently, there is a reality show called TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) in Britain. And one of the “characters” (who’s dumb as a box of rocks from what I understand) is Joey Essex. Fortunately for Joey, he has other assets that will get him by. This clip has him chatting in the kitchen with a friend… wearing some NICE blue briefs. Enjoy.


Joey Essex in tightly packed briefs by bulge_guy

Monday Morning Crush – Carlos Pena In His Speedo

Carlos Pena of Big Time Rush is my crush this week.  These pics started circulating last week and I have to admit, he looks great. He’s not too thin… not too beefy… just a normal guy in a speedo having a great time in Maui. I guess he was with his girlfriend but, oops… I didn’t post any pics of her.

See 9 more images after the jump….

Monday Morning Crush – JD Ordonez from Real World Brooklyn in a Speedo

I hear this hottie lives in San Diego now – maybe I’ll bump into him sometime?

Daily Briefing – James Kyson Lee (Ando on Heroes) in His Briefs

Apparently James Kyson Lee, who plays Ando on the NBC TV show Heroes, spent some time modeling.  He’s just adorable in his white 2(x)ist briefs – and equally adorable with his Hanes waistband poking above his shorts.  Totally sexy.

Video Bonus – Channing Tatum’s Stripper Video

This video has a very annoying “autoplay” feature – that will show a quick ad ahead of time. Apologies for the ad and autoplay – but Us Weekly has to get paid somehow I guess! Anyway, the video is after the jump so it doesn’t annoy everyone coming to the web site.

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