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Andrew Christian “Behind the Scenes” On Their Rod Daily Shoot

Amazing hot video. There is also a link to the uncensored version below the video.

Censored Version: Rod Daily photo shoot for Andrew Christian from Andrew Christian on Vimeo.

Check out the uncensored version (and more) at Andrew Christian Social Videos.

Up for a Sporty Saturday in Your Jock?

Hump Day Butts – College Boys Caught


Love the sunglasses, boys. Yeah. That’s what I’m looking at….

Happy Hump Day – Brent Everett’s Butt Framed in a Jock

Nuff said.

Happy Hump Day – Batter Up?

Hump Day! And it’s Anthony Romero’s Butt

Ok. I’m a little obsessed this with Anthony Romero this week. But I promise, these are the last pics I have of him until he tweets some more of him in his underwear (feel free to reach out to me @Undiesgeek, Anthony!) And what a cute butt, eh?


Hump Day Butts – On All Fours in His Bike Jock

Monday Morning Crush – The Jarics

I know they’re not together anymore – and one of them isn’t even doing porn anymore. But they’re still hot. And a boy can still crush, can’t he?

Hump Day Butts – The Definition of Muscle Jock

Hump Day – Amateur Butt in a Hot Jock

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