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Monday Morning Crush – Model Arsani Petroshansky

I tucked the pictures away back in 2007 (seems so long ago) and have never posted them on the blog. I felt it was high time. Not only does he look amazing in his underwear, but he looks great in clothes too!

Find 6 ore pictures of Arsani after the jump.

Thong Thursday – What’s Under Those Pants?

Youtube Tuesday – Abercrombie Models Do Call Me Maybe

So perhaps they’re not in their underwear – but hey, hot shirtless guys performing a pop song? I’ll take it.


The Galleries Are Back!

Finally – after a lot of work (and a necessary theme change – you like?) I have the 10 main galleries back online.  You can access them from the galleries page (which I need to make more interesting) or via a drop down under “galleries” in the menu bar to take you RIGHT to the gallery you want to view. The new theme has some great new options like that – also notice the categories above to explore past posts by topic or tag. Go explore!

Just over 360 images are up again – with literally thousands more on the way. I’m still working on organizing the other content – it’s not as clean cut as the general galleries. I.e. do I have one gallery for brands? Or does each one get its own gallery (or do they not and I just mix them in by style?) Decisions. Decisions.

More to come! (Celebs will likely be next since I have a new Taylor Lautner pic he tweeted this week!)

Youtube Tuesday – British Diver Tom Daley Gets Drenched

Ok, so he’s not in his underwear or a Speedo really in this video… but you have to admit, it’s super sexy. This is a behind the scenes look at his photo shoot for Fabulous magazine. Hot, no?


Happy Easter! Did Your Bunny Come?

Daily Briefing – Welcome… To My Pants

Daily Briefing – James Kyson Lee (Ando on Heroes) in His Briefs

Apparently James Kyson Lee, who plays Ando on the NBC TV show Heroes, spent some time modeling.  He’s just adorable in his white 2(x)ist briefs – and equally adorable with his Hanes waistband poking above his shorts.  Totally sexy.

Daily Briefing – Pierre Fitch Shows His Armani Briefs

Pierre Fitch loves showing his underwear from time to time – and this pic is no exception.

First Pics of Cristiano Ronaldo Modeling Briefs for Armani

Just when you thought Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t get any sexier, these pics emerge from his first photo shoot with Armani.  I definitely think I like these better than the David Beckham pics. Just sayin’…

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