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Youtube Tuesday – Wil Sabin Debuts “Porno Star” Video

Wil Sabin was an Australian Pop Idol (I believe) and has come out with a Cazwell-esque video for his new song. Check it out below (with plenty of underwear shots!).



YouTube Tuesday – Aussiebum Has a V-Day Message For You

And that message is simple: Hot guy strips. You get a sale. But watch the video for all the nuances!


Behind the Scenes with 2wink Australia and The AUS12 Photo Shoot

The folks at 2wink Australia have been HOT at it. They’re back with their second swim wear range called Aussie Defence AUS12 – and they were kind enough to point me to their hot behind the scenes video.  So, you know, if you’re into muscled, sexy, Australian models in tiny swimwear – feel free to take a look! (The video features popular fitness model Lee Stram who is HOT HOT HOT.) Enjoy!



From the press release: AUS12 swimsuits are made from imported Italian fabric, which is 80% nylon and 20% lycra, but 100% Aussie-made. The masculine square-cut swimsuits are fully lined on the inside and include a tie cord and elastic waist. The range is available in three different colors, including light blue, orange and red. Each swimsuit retails for around $40 USD (free worldwide shipping), and are available online at www.2wink.com.au.

Get Your Mechanic on At 2wink Australia

So I love it when an underwear company re-invents itself.  I tried really hard to love 2wink the first time around.  Bought some underwear for AU$7.95 and it was decent. But it just didn’t fit as well as other brands.

Now they’ve turned around and reinvented themselves.  And for a company called 2wink, this image is very un-twink like!  Love it. I may have to try their undies again and see if the fit has changed at all. It looks like it has – totally new styling. Yum!

It’s a AU$3.95 Sale at 2wink

2wink isn’t my favorite underwear – they just don’t fit my body right – but I have seen them on plenty of boys they DO fit right.  And right now, they’re having a AU$3.95 sale – cheap enough to figure out if they fit right on you.  Check them out… and it looks like they’re updating their look – both their logo and new styles – so definitely give them a try!

Get aussieBum’s New “LockerBoy” Range of Underwear TODAY!

The last of 4 posts on the new aussieBum “LockerBoy” range of underwear.  This time 5 hot shots in the locker room – in yellow.  Yum!

Matt Mitcham Posing on a Board

YouTube Tuesday – Animate from Aussiebum

Can’t recall if I ever posted this one or not, but it’s one of my favorite designs in Aussiebum underwear – their animate series!

Monday Morning Matthew Mitcham

Congrats to Matthew Mitcham from Australia – not only out, proud and adorable, but also a 2008 medal winner.  Here are three more shots from the games we ran across this past week.




We’ve got a total of 9 images that we’ve found so far in the galleries – and hopefully more on the way as additional diving competitions continue through the next 4 years before the 2012 games.  Enjoy!

no images were found

Daily Briefing – Dive into Matthew

In honor of the Olympics – and my favorite spectator sport (ever since they put on those stupid lazer suits from Speedo in swimming) here’s a new pic of out and proud Australian swimmer Matthew Mitcham.  He’s adorable, confident, proud and a hell of an athlete.  Go Matthew!

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