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Youtube Tuesday – Wil Sabin Debuts “Porno Star” Video

Wil Sabin was an Australian Pop Idol (I believe) and has come out with a Cazwell-esque video for his new song. Check it out below (with plenty of underwear shots!).



Matthew Mitcham Gallery Updated

Check out the 8 new images of Matt in his gallery.  Thumbnails below for easy viewing, otherwise he’s in the “Speedo” section of the General Galleries.

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Out, Proud and Adorable – Matthew Mitcham

If you’ve missed it, Australian Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham is a confident, sexy, out-and-proud gay man.  He’s been out since age 14 (now 20) and doesn’t see it as a big deal, but has received a lot of press since talking about his partner in a media interview.

As the interviews continue, most recently in Australia’s SX Magazine, so do the pics of Matthew.  We’ve added a gallery to capture images of him – as the Olympics are sure to bring even more!

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Check out all 6 current pics of Matthew, including some candids in our Main Galleries, in the Speedo section.

New “Flaunt” style from Aussiebum (and a secret coupon?)

Aussiebum has launched their new “Flaunt” line and recently sent out a couple of email blasts (where the image came from). There’s also a new video that we featured a few days ago in a post.

Most importantly, there’s a little web rumor that if you use the coupon code FLAUNTIT you get 15% off your entire Aussiebum order at aussiebum.com. Check it out! I bought a few and will report on them when I get them.

2winkwear $2.95 Thong Sale

The first 3,000 people can get a thong for $2.95 from 2winkwear.com. They did this sale a few weeks ago and I just got the 3 I ordered then – haven’t tried them on yet, so no review, but hey – it’s $2.95. Worth a shot to try something new. Also – check out their other sales. When I bought they had other briefs on sale for $4.95, so be sure to check the sale areas.

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