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Fresh Face Eddie in Baskitwear Boxer Briefs Promoting Independence Day




Baskitwear kicked off their Independence Day Sale this morning and we were lucky enough to get a great shot of their model from the promo. His name is Eddie and he does Mixed Marshall Arts and competitive swimming. How all American for a 4th of July Sale.

BTW – everything is 25% off at Baskitwear.com right now… so not a bad idea to go try to stock up.  Want this look? It’s their Active Low Rise Trunk – currently on sale for $18.75. Click here to jump directly to the Active collection on their site.



Saxx Apparel Boxer Brief – Review

I got my Saxx Apparel Bamboo Boxer brief a couple of weeks ago – and was traveling a ton and couldn’t really try it out. Since then, I’ve worn it twice – on very different occasions.

First, I wore it all day on a weekend – lounging around the house. Working in the yard. Running errands. Just normal weekend stuff. Second, I wore it this past Wednesday and put it through the wringer of an active life. All day at work in meetings in a stuff office building and then on two flights en route to Miami – 4 hours to Charlotte NC and then another 2.5 hours to Miami from there. A lot more sitting and walking briskly through airports.

First impressions: When I first took them out of the box the first thing I noticed is how soft the fabric is. Bamboo is all the rage these days. It helps prevent odors, wicks moisture and is overall just a very soft fabric to wrap yourself in. The second thing – I couldn’t help but notice the little mesh panels on either side of the crotch. I was a little disturbed in looking at it – how would this mesh panel feel?

The styling of the boxer brief is pretty simple and standard – black fabric, some white stitching around the crotch.  Overall – your basic boxer.

Through both times wearing them, I can tell you how the panels feel – they don’t feel at all. You don’t even notice them. They’re exquisitely integrated into the design and are as soft and seamless as the rest of the boxer brief. It surprised me.

The rest of the fit of the boxer brief was amazing.  Great waistband. Fit the contours of my body well.  Overall, really nice.  The only complaint I would have is that the front pouch, while comfortable, wasn’t overall flattering.  I guess I’m used to briefs… and the boxer brief didn’t fit as snugly as I’m used to (is that really a complaint?  Or just the style of the boxer?)

At the end of two different days – I noticed one amazing thing.  My package wasn’t sweaty or sticky.  After a full day running around town and doing yard work, or sitting in meetings and traveling across the country, it usually would be.  I’m used to having my boys stick to my legs, or at the very lest being a bit sticky when the day is done (hey, it happens – you all know it).

The combination of the bamboo fabric and the little inserts do the trick.  The inserts keep your balls from rubbing (or sticking) to your legs… and overall, keep everything a lot fresher than boxers, boxer briefs or briefs in general.  In short, they did the trick!

My verdict (all out of 10):

  • Fit: 9
  • Material: 10
  • Comfort: 8
  • Style: 7
  • Wearability: 10

Total Score: 8.8

I was really surprised by this boxer brief.  Thanks to Saxx Apparel for providing it – I’m planning to buy the trunk now (a slightly shorter leg – more with my style) and definitely will wear them on cross country trips – with as much travel as I do, it will be well worth it!

For more on the technology – watch their video (re-posted below).  Quite amazing – and it work!

New Forbidden Brand Now Available at HisTrunks.com

Come to HisTrunks.com and check out the new brand Forbidden from China. Prices are perfect for the current recession starting at $11.50 with the most expensive at $12.95! Not to mention you can’t get these undies any where else!  Anyone try them out?  Let us know – send us a review!


Your Daily Briefing – Holden and His Big Bulge


Flickr Friday – God Save the King

Underwear King, originally uploaded by hagerstenguy.

Flickr Friday – Spread ‘Em

shirtless (523), originally uploaded by wrkbtlvr.


Flickr Friday – Sleek Boxer Briefs

Sexy Underwear, originally uploaded by Manny32.

Your Daily Briefing – PerfectGuyz Chet

Chet, a model from PerfectGuyz (NSFW), hangs out in his briefs. 


If you’d like to see more of Chet, check out our naughtier sister site, Daily Fuck Stop.  He’s in the Galleries in the PerfectGuyz section! 

Daily Briefing – Boxer Brief Boy


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