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Sexy Hottie in Long Underwear For a Cool December Day


Daily Briefing – Multi-Striped Bulge

Daily Briefing – College Bros in Briefs

Underwear + iPhone + Guy + Mirror = Hot!

Courtesy GuysWithiPhones.com – enjoy these hotties.




Frat Boys Hangin with Beer and Briefs

Oh, the things straight boys will do when you give them a little beer – or bottles of grain alcohol (?) – and casually suggest they hang out in their tighty whities.




Britney Spears Circus – Shower Dancing Boy

This has been all over the Internet today and Britney’s “Circus” has never looked this good.  A few tips: This boy should really try his routine in one of the showers in the suites at the Palms in Vegas – there are some with a stripper pole in them which would really kick it up a notch.  He should also think about losing the pants a LITTLE earlier.  Oh, and he might want someone different to provide towel service (watch to the end).  Enjoy!

Daily Briefing – Monday Muscles

Monday Briefing – Goofy Boxer Boy

Your Daily Briefing – Heading to the Beach

I’m heading to Mexico for a few days – here’s some inspiration for you while I’m gone.


Flickr Friday – Asian Model Undies

Hot Asian Male model, originally uploaded by justin_benedick.


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