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Daily Briefing – Boys in Chains x2


Daily Briefing – Splash! Wet White Briefs

Daily Briefing – Chad White in What Else But White Briefs

A Late Speedo Sunday – Asian Hottie in a Tiny Speedo

Monday Morning Crush – Model Arsani Petroshansky

I tucked the pictures away back in 2007 (seems so long ago) and have never posted them on the blog. I felt it was high time. Not only does he look amazing in his underwear, but he looks great in clothes too!

Find 6 ore pictures of Arsani after the jump.

Monday Morning Crush – Ryan Raz

Ryan Raz has been pretty off my radar, but over the weekend a picture of him in a jock strap got my attention which led me to look for more. Apparently he’s done quite a bit and spreads himself around (um, no pun intended) to multiple sites.  Here are some great shots of Ryan in his underwear… courtesy of the sites as noted on the images.

Ryan Raz’s most valuable ass-et?

Ryan Raz reaching into his gray briefs.

Ryan Raz in Gray Briefs

Ryan Raz sitting in his gray briefs.

Ryan Raz looking pretty in pink – and of course, white briefs.

And of course, the white briefs had to come off to show Ryan Raz’s beautiful butt.

American Apparel Never Looked So Hot

Hump Day Butts – Dark Haired Cutie in 2(x)ist

Youtube Tuesday – Joey Essex in TIGHTLY Packed Briefs

So apparently, there is a reality show called TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) in Britain. And one of the “characters” (who’s dumb as a box of rocks from what I understand) is Joey Essex. Fortunately for Joey, he has other assets that will get him by. This clip has him chatting in the kitchen with a friend… wearing some NICE blue briefs. Enjoy.


Joey Essex in tightly packed briefs by bulge_guy

Daily Briefing – Wet Old Navy Briefs Never Looked So Sexy

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