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Big Sale on Hot Jocks at Baskit Wear (And plenty of Jock Pics)

We’re huge fans of jock straps and jockbriefs. And big fans of Baskit as well (we always root for the scrappy brands). They have some amazing jocks and they’re having a fast 3-day fall sale – where all jocks are just $10.25. Seriously. That’s less than half price for most of them!

Here are a few shots of guys in jocks to get you in the mood to shop (sale info at the bottom).









Andrew Christian “Behind the Scenes” On Their Rod Daily Shoot

Amazing hot video. There is also a link to the uncensored version below the video.

Censored Version: Rod Daily photo shoot for Andrew Christian from Andrew Christian on Vimeo.

Check out the uncensored version (and more) at Andrew Christian Social Videos.

Up for a Sporty Saturday in Your Jock?

Happy Hump Day – Brent Everett’s Butt Framed in a Jock

Nuff said.

Happy Hump Day – Batter Up?

Hump Day Butts – All Pecs and Ass

Hump Day Butts – The Definition of Muscle Jock

A Jack Adams Jock With a Fly!

So I’m loving this – big time. I always wear a jock to the gym and one of my big beefs is I have to slide out the side or the top to pee. Why can’t they have a fly?  And why can’t it be hot?  Enter the folks from Jack Adams.  Got this notice on Wednesday (hey, sorry, been a busy week). Loving the pics. Loving the style. I might have to go get me one… you?

And check out the hot pics after the press release excerpt:

From their press release: Men will look and feel incredibly sexy in the Jack Adams Ranger Fly X Jockstrap not only due to the provocative X strap design, but also due to the enhancing lift it provides the butt. Theyll feel comfortable at the same time as it has a thick, roomy, supportive pouch made of an extremely soft, knitted material. Unlike other jockstraps, the Jack Adams Ranger Fly X Jockstrap features a fly front for easy access, and its durable heavy stitching will ensure that its stands the test of time.

Jack Adams has taken the old fashioned jockstrap and updated it multiple ways for todays man. This is a jockstrap that provides it all sexiness, support, functionality and comfort!

Available for pre-order here from 10percent.com.


Jack Adams designs, manufactures and distributes innovative and edgy underwear for the masculine, sexually self-assured man who wears confidence on his sleeve. Sold by retailers internationally as well as online, Jack Adams products express a progressive attitude that customers love. This mind-set is coupled with fashion-forward designs and fits that accentuate comfort. For more information about Jack Adams, visitJackAdamsUSA.com.


Hump Day – Fuzzy Butt in a Jock

Hump Day Make Up – Young Butt in a Jock

So I completely spaced my 2 posts yesterday for hump day – so here is the first of 2 make up posts.  Too much on my mind this week!

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