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Monday Crush – Chris Knee for Aussiebum (Photos by Simon Le)

2(x)ist Touch Rocks YouTube

Gay Comic Geek Gets Ready For Some Birthday Sex

I love following Gay Comic Geek on his blog and YouTube. He’s adorable and mostly into comic-y stuff (duh) but fairly often he strips down to his briefs and shows just how sexy this geek can be.  Check out these screen caps from his birthday video… here, he’s getting ready for birthday sex since his boyfriend just got home.  So cute.

Daily Briefing – Pierre Fitch Shows His Armani Briefs

Pierre Fitch loves showing his underwear from time to time – and this pic is no exception.

Speedo Has a New Line of Underwear!

So I love speedo swimwear – the briefs, board shorts, squarecuts, heck – even their flip flops are cool.  And now – I just learned via Global Guys Gear twitter feed that they’re coming out with a new underwear line!  Here’s a YouTube clip of the photo shoot.  Check it out.  Sexy and hot! (The men’s stuff comes in about 1/2 way through).

Guys With iPhones in Their Underwear – Double Shot

More from GuysWithiPhones.com – this guy had the courtesy to take TWO shots!  And although those Tommy briefs aren’t the most flattering for his figure – he certainly has something going on underneath there!



Wet Briefs Wednesday – More Jakub Stefano

For those of you who couldn’t get enough of him yesterday, I saved this one for today.  Last one from Dylan Rosser photography.


More of Model Jakub Stefano

Dylan Rosser has certainly done a great job with photos of Jakub… hot!  If you enjoyed the video posted earlier today, check out these 7 shots of Jakub.  Amazingly beautiful!








New Pics of Hot Model Dave Wilkinson in His Briefs

These come courtesy of photographer Dan Skinner.  Find more at http://danthedanimal.deviantart.com/gallery/.  For now, enjoy Dave in his tight C-In2 briefs.




YouTube Tuesday – Aussiebum Be Yourself

This is a great video from 2005 of an Aussiebum model shoot.  Kind of makes you want to be there, huh.

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