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Daily Briefing – Corbin Fisher Cutie in a Black Speedo

Monday Morning Crush – David Boudia

The Olympics has me Googling divers like crazy. And I came across David Boudia. Totally adorable. And totally hot.

It’s Hot Out There! Ready for a Swim?

Hopefully you’ll forgive me that none of these actually have underwear in the picture – but given the ridiculously high temps around the country, I thought these images might cool you off… and I’m sure the guy in the first image had a speedo on a few moments ago. Let’s go with that.

Speedo Sunday – Let’s Get Soaking Wet!

Speedo Sunday – Boys in White

Speedo Sunday – He Looks Worried. And Cute.

Speedo Sunday – Water Polo Team FTW!


Youtube Tuesday – Waking Up With Jason

Ever wonder what it would be like to wake up with an Andrew Christian model? Now you know. Enjoy!


Technically this is a Vimeo video, not Youtube. Presumably due to Youtube being pretty anal about men in underwear (but not women). At any rate, it’s hot.

Speedo Sunday – Surprise! Jazz Hands!

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on in this picture, but he’s a cute Asian dude in a speedo, so I figured I’d share. Clearly, something surprised him…

Tiny Speedo. Huge Legs.

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