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Ryan Lochte Lounging in his Speedo… With his Dog

So when I first saw someone post this on Facebook I didn’t realize it was Ryan Lochte. It just seemed, I don’t know, a little too porn-y for him. As dlisted.com noted in their article:

If it wasn’t for that People logo sitting in the corner, you’d probably think this picture was from a Playgirl magazine spread circa 1989 or a picture of Mr. July in Bel Ami’s “Porn Bottoms of the Past” calendar.

The dlisted article is really a must read – they have a fun take on the bad Photoshop job done in this photo. But I digress. People magazine did the shoot (and even has a VIDEO of the shoot!). And posted the cheesy pic – and we all get to wonder why Ryan doesn’t look nearly as good in THIS Speedo as he did in the Olympics. Thoughts, boys?

Speedo Sunday – He Looks Worried. And Cute.

Youtube Tuesday – Waking Up With Jason

Ever wonder what it would be like to wake up with an Andrew Christian model? Now you know. Enjoy!


Technically this is a Vimeo video, not Youtube. Presumably due to Youtube being pretty anal about men in underwear (but not women). At any rate, it’s hot.

Speedo Sunday – Surprise! Jazz Hands!

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on in this picture, but he’s a cute Asian dude in a speedo, so I figured I’d share. Clearly, something surprised him…

Speedo Sunday Make Up Post – Canadian Buds in their Speedos

Speedo Sunday – Making Some Adjustments

Sometimes you just have to make sure things are all set just right. Ya know?

Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Wants to Show You His Briefs

It would seem that Olympian Ryan Lochte (pictured below) is cashing in on his fame and has signed a deal with Calvin Klein to become an underwear model.  Check out the article here over at PinkIsTheNewBlog.  Much love to Trent for the scoop!

Monday Morning Crush – Matthew Mitcham

Still crushing on Matthew Mitcham… *sigh*

Of course, we have a whole gallery of Matthew pics… thumbnails below for your convenience!

no images were found

Your Daily Briefing – Red Speedo

Flickr Friday – Pair of Hotties in Speedos

hotguy793.jpg, originally uploaded by timothymgol.


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